Xpandalabel Booklet Labels

With XPandalabelTM, Rotolabel’s solution for all booklet and leaflet label needs, customers can look forward to high quality, competitively priced booklet labels.

The labels can be designed and die-cut into various shapes and sizes, and the leaflet length is suitable for all informational needs and only limited by the final folded thickness.

Now large amounts of information can be permanently attached to the label and the container, eliminating the need for separate package inserts and informational booklets.

The elimination of the package insert can also potentially lead to the elimination of the carton – and result in substantial cost savings. Further savings can also be seen through the shortened packing process on the production line.

In addition to pharmaceutical labels, XPandalabel is also great for promotions, competitions, terms and conditions, recipes, give-aways and coupons, and can be applied to existing packaging for limited-time offers.

100% Label Inspection

With our Rotocontrol RSP Inspection Machine that is equipped with AVT cameras, Rotolabel is able to offer the peace-of-mind that comes with 100% label inspection.

The inspection process measures every label against the approved artwork, ensuring that no errors go undetected.

Inspections are a standard procedure when manufacturing pharmaceutical labels, but can also be undertaken on other products when requested.