Tagging Guns

More than 50 years ago Avery Dennison revolutionised the retail apparel industry with the SwifTach® tagging gun – and they’ve been innovating their range of fastening tools ever since.

These fast, safe and reliable attaching solutions are critical for businesses across a variety of industries, from apparel and automotive to manufacturing and consumer packaged goods.

The first of their kind, SwifTach® tagging guns feature an innovative, unexposed and retractable needle that ensures almost no contact with fingertips when attaching tags or during needle replacement. Offering maximum speed and safety, these hard-working handheld tagging guns also boast a non-slip grip.

Rotolabel offers Avery Dennison tagging guns for every application.

Standard Range

The standard range is suited to everyday applications.

Fine Fabric Range

The fine fabric range is suited to the tagging of fine and delicate fabrics as it reduces the risk of holes and snags when attaching tags to delicate materials.

Heavy-duty Range

The heavy-duty range is specifically designed for tough and demanding packaging and pairing applications.