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About Us

We take the hassle out of printing your labels by offering a comprehensive array of label solutions and investing in the best people and print technologies available.

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Rotolabel is pushing the boundaries in sustainability: in conjunction with Avery Dennison, it is one of the first companies in South Africa’s labelling industry to become FSC compliant.

These two companies have now partnered with an exciting new initiative and are the first to recycle glassine liner. This is revolutionary in the label industry in South Africa, and will result in tonnes of liner not ending up in South Africa’s severely over-subscribed landfills.

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Consumers are becoming very aware of the impact of waste going to landfill. As these facilities get full and run out of space, disposal costs will increase substantially. Most pressure-sensitive labels are produced with a glassine liner, contributing to a significant amount of liner ending up in landfill sites.

As part of value-added services in the Avery Dennison Sustainability Portfolio, the Liner Recycling Programme is available for PET and glassine liners and is currently active in many countries worldwide.

The liner recycling programme will be rolled out in Cape Town. Once the proof of concept is realised and manufacturers and consumers see its benefits, it will be rolled out nationally and to the industry.

The liner is collected from customers and taken back to the Rotolabel site to be compacted. Avery then collects the compacted liner and loads it into a container to be sent to India where it is made into tissue paper.

Rotolabel is a major supplier to the FMCG food, wine and personal care market. Sustainability is a major talking point, with several challenges facing the packaging industry, brand owners and major retailers. The sustainability topic is an extremely complex one – if not understood a hundred percent, the incorrect decision could be made even though a company’s intentions might be honourable.

One of the first steps Rotolabel took was to become FSC compliant. The label industry was lagging far behind other paper packaging formats. This was driven in partnership with Avery Dennison to ensure that all paper material used is sourced from sustainable forests. This certification may seem like a small insignificant step, but is vital in the conservation of global forest resources. Forests are being destroyed globally – often without any control or regulation. It is the company’s aim that the rest of the label industry will follow suit for the benefit of a more sustainable future.

Rotolabel is busy engaging with raw material suppliers on down-gauging materials. This could have a significant impact on the environment, with minimal if any impact on label appeal. Along with the down-gauging, we have recycled material and material that is 100 percent recyclable during PET recycling.

At Rotolabel we have built up the knowledge to understand what materials are best-suited for the various packaging formats. Not selecting the right material can result in the main packaging material not being able to be recycled.

Company Profile

  • Company Profile
  • Sales Team
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Founded in 1982, Rotolabel has gained distinction in the supply of world-class self-adhesive labels.

Rotolabel was acquired by the Bidvest Group in 2008, and today represents the Labelling Solutions division of Bidvest Paperplus – a leading supplier of printing, communications, packaging and labelling solutions in southern Africa.

Following the acquisition of S&N Labels in 2017, the Rotolabel Johannesburg operation has been rebranded to become Rotolabel S&N Labels.

Rotolabel specialises in flexographic, letterpress and digital print technologies, allowing us to print labels of consistently high quality on a range of substrates with a variety of finishes.

Complementing our printing resources is state-of-the-art finishing that offers hot and cold foiling, silkscreen and high-build, varnishing and laminating – everything you could wish for in designing a world-class label.

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